History of the Tirolerhof


The building in which our Café is situated was built in 1885 by the famous silk manufacturer 
Eduard Friedmann. In his family emblem on the façade there was a silkworm, and this is why he called the building “The House of the Silkworm”.

From the beginning the ground floor of the house hosted a gastronomic enterprise. 
Originally a dairy factory belonging to a gentleman named Lothar Ritter Neuhauser 
who was also proprietor of a large agricultural farm, located in the vicinity of the still 
of the still today existing Tirolerhof Siedlung near Perchtoldsdorf. 
And this is why he named his Viennese Branch “Tirolerhof”.

In 1918, immediately after the end of World War One, two brothers, 
Hans Kunz, die Inhaber einer Schokoladefabrik und der zweitgrößten österreichischen Kaffeerösterei, 
coffee roasting establishment in Austria, bought the entire enterprise and redesigned it to become the 
typical Viennese Café which it is today. Since then the Café Tirolerhof has essentially preserved its 
appearance of today. It has also ever since been continuously in private family ownership.

Although we were forced to carry out numerous modifications 
and installations to meet the ongoing official requirements concerning security and convenience, 
we made a great effort to conserve the 100-years old appearance 
104 Jahre alten Aussehen zu erhalten und Ihnen, unseren Gästen, 
the atmosphere of a traditional Viennese Coffeehouse 
from the time of the turn of the century.